We understand this can be a very difficult and upsetting time, in this section there is information and guidance aimed at helping you through the registration process.

When someone dies in Scotland, their death needs to be registered within 8 days. This can be done at our registration office or any registration office in Scotland.

It is also possible to register a death by phone if this is easier for you. This follows a direction made by the Chief Registrar.

Registration process

  • The medical certificate of cause of death (mccd) will automatically be emailed to the registration office of your choice by the certifying doctor.
  • The registration team will check if the registration has been chosen for a medical review. For more information you can read A Guide to Death Certification Review in Scotland.
  • A registrar will call to advise if it has been chosen for a review or to make an appointment to begin the registration process.
  • You can either book a face-to-face appointment at the registration office or if you prefer you can have a telephone appointment.
  • During the process the registrar will ask questions about the person who has passed for example, parents' full names, occupations and details of any spouses or civil partners, so if you have any certificates for example, birth/marriage/civil partnership/medical card, please have these available.
  • Once registration is complete the registrar will email the appropriate form (Form 14) direct to the funeral director or if not yet known you will be given/emailed this form. You will be issued an abbreviated death certificate free of charge. Full death certificates can be purchased if required, we accept card payment only.
  • If wished, we will issue a reference number which will enable you to access the Tell Us Once service. The Tell Us Once service is explained in this video from the DWP – Reporting a death using the Tell Us Once service.

Registration is available Monday to Friday.

If you need assistance with death registration outside normal office hours, for example a death to be registered urgently due to cultural/religious beliefs, please call the emergency helpline:

Funeral Support Payment

Funeral Support Payment is a new payment available to people in Scotland, who are on certain benefits or tax credits, and need support to meet the costs of a funeral. For more information please see our Funeral Support Payment page.

We will provide a sympathetic, helpful and considerate service through this difficult time.