Prison-based Social Workers and Customer & Business Support staff deliver a statutory and duty social work service to people in custody at HMP & YOI Polmont, and are employed by Falkirk Council. They are based in the Social Work Unit (SWU) in the Activities 2 building in the establishment, and provide a statutory social work service to:

  • People convicted of sex offences, serving 6 months or over
  • People convicted of offences against children
  • People with life sentences
  • People with a long term sentence (4 years or more)
  • People subject to Supervised Released Orders
  • People with extended sentences
  • Recalls to custody and young people convicted under Section 208 of The Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act
  • People with an indeterminate sentence

The prison-based SWU also provides a duty service to all people in custody.

Prison-based Social Workers also:

  • Provide reports to the Parole Board for Scotland and the Parole & Life Sentence Review Division
  • Undertake risk assessments using national, accredited risk tools for people with the above sentences at key stages in their custodial journey
  • Undertake some child and adult protection tasks
  • Attend Integrated Case Management, Case Conferences
  • Deliver offence-focused interventions for some people in custody, aimed at addressing and reducing offending behaviour
  • Provide a professional social work contribution to relevant multi-disciplinary, risk management planning groups / meetings in the establishment

The SWU is made up of:

  • 4 Social Workers
  • a Senior Social Worker
  • a Team Manager
  • 2 Customer & Business Support staff

The SWU can be contacted at:

HMP & YOI Polmont
Social Work Unit
Redding Road