Registration of food business

If you regularly trade from a mobile food unit (for example an ice cream van, fish van, coffee van, hot food van) in the Falkirk Council area, or garage a mobile food unit overnight in the Falkirk Council area, you must register with the Food & Safety team.

Please ensure you add the registration number of the mobile food unit, where applicable, next to the name of the food business on the food registration form. You will have to complete a form for each unit if you have more than one. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Certificate of Compliance

If you apply for a street trader's licence you will need a Certificate of Compliance from the Environmental Health section of the Local Authority where your unit is normally located overnight.

If your unit is normally located overnight within Falkirk Council, you will need this certificate from our Food & Safety team. You can apply using the form below. Please note there is a charge for a Certificate of Compliance.

If your unit is located overnight within another local authority area, even if you trade in the Falkirk Council area, you should contact the Food Safety team of that local authority. Find your local council.

Structural requirements

The mobile food unit must meet the structural requirements of the Mobile Traders Food Hygiene National Standard before the Certificate of Compliance can be provided.

Mobile Traders Food Hygiene National Standard

Other food and safety requirements

As the Certificate of Compliance only covers structural requirements, your mobile food unit will also need to be inspected to ensure compliance with all other food law requirements. An inspection will be carried out when you are operating your business. Further information can be found below. It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with other legislation, for example health and safety.

Food Safety for Street Traders

Other permissions you might need

Please note the Food & Safety team can only advise of the suitability in terms of food law and health and safety legislation. Other permissions may be required such as planning permission and permission from the owner of any land you plan to site your mobile food unit on. Our Street trader licence page has more information, including guidance on applying for a Street Traders Licence.