You will need a licence if you are selling, offering to sell or carrying out a service paid for by any person in a public place. This includes selling from a vehicle such as an ice cream van or burger van, kiosk or a moveable stall. Each person who intends to trade will need a licence.

You don't need a street trader licence to:

  • sell newspapers
  • sell milk (registered persons only)
  • sell coal, coke or solid fuel
  • collect on behalf of a charity
  • if you have a Pedlars certificate
  • if business rates are paid for the stall/kiosk you operate from

If you intend to sell food from your vehicle, kiosk or moveable stall, you need to provide a Certificate of Compliance (issued by the Food Safety Unit from your or your employers home authority) along with your application. This certificate will be accepted by any Licensing Authority in Scotland. The certificate must be in either your name or that of your employer.

If you or your employers home authority is Falkirk Council, the Food Safety Unit can be contacted at:

Food Safety Unit

Generally a Street Trader Licence is granted for 3 years. If you require a licence for a shorter period you can apply for a temporary Street Trader Licence which will last a maximum of 6 weeks.

If you wish to vary your vehicle, trading area etc during the current grant of your licence, you need to make an application to vary your licence.

How to apply

The street trader licence application form is available to download:

New, renewal or temporary Street Trader licence - application form
Variation of a Street Trader licence - application form
Arrangements for disposal and presentation of waste - application form
Wheeled bin cleansing licence - application form
Change of address - application form
Guidance on applying for a Street Trader Licence
Street Trader Conditions
Street Trader Policy

You can also get application forms by contacting us: