If you are a Falkirk Council tenant and wish to move house, you can exchange your home with:

  • Another Falkirk Council tenant
  • A tenant of another council area
  • A tenant from a Housing Association

You must receive written permission from us before an exchange can take place.


If you are a Falkirk Council tenant, you can find someone to exchange houses with using HomeSwapper.

Falkirk Council tenants can register with HomeSwapper for free. The website gives information about tenants in the Falkirk Council area who want to exchange houses and about people who want to move here from outside the area.

If you are not a tenant of Falkirk Council, check with your landlord to see if they are registered with HomeSwapper. If your landlord isn't registered with HomeSwapper, you can still use the site, but you will need to pay a small registration fee.

For more information about HomeSwapper, please visit the HomeSwapper website or contact your local Advice and Support Hub.

How to exchange

If you have found someone you wish to swap homes with, you both need to submit an application for the exchange to be considered.

Mutual exchange application form

For advice or further information, please contact your local Advice and Support Hub.

In some cases we cannot allow a mutual exchange to take place. We may refuse an application because:

  • A notice for eviction has been served on you or the person you are swapping with or an eviction order is in place
  • If you have rent arrears and do not have a repaying arrangement in place
  • The house has been adapted and no one on the application needs the adaptations
  • The exchange would result in one of the houses being overcrowded or under occupied
  • You or the person you are swapping with has a Short Scottish Secure Tenancy
  • The property is not of a lettable standard

If we turn down your application, we will write to you to explain why.

If we approve the mutual exchange, we will contact you to arrange a date for exchanging properties.