When we look at increasing rents for council homes, we ask our tenants to give us their views. We must ask our tenants under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001.

Most recent consultation

In late 2020, we consulted with tenants on increasing rents for the next 3 years - 2021 to 2024. The results of this survey can be viewed at: Rent Increase 2021/24 Consultation results.

As a council tenant, you can give us your views through our online form or by using one of the consultation options publicised by us each year. You can find out about this, or other ways of getting involved, on our Customer Involvement pages.

In previous years, tenants have told us the following information is important to them:

  • How our rent levels compare with other social landlords
  • The quality of our housing
  • How well we perform as a landlord
  • Why we are increasing the rent
  • What rent money is spent on and how this compares to other social landlords

For more information about our Tenant's Satisfaction Surveys, or any part of the rent consultation, please contact us.

Further Information

You can find our more about housing rents across Scotland, and how we perform against other landlords, on the Scottish Housing Regulator's website.

You can contact us by emailing or calling:

Alternatively, you can ask for more information at your local Advice and Support Hub.