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If you wish to sell alcohol, your premises must be licensed. If you are building or converting premises, then you may apply for a provisional premises licence before the premises are completed.

Applications are made to your local licensing board.

You must be 18 years or older to make the application which must include a description of the premises, an operating plan, 6 copies of the layout plan of the premises to a scale of 1:100, and Section 50 certificates for planning, building standards and food hygiene.

The layout plan has to comply with regulations. A layout plan checklist is available as a download.

We also ask you to give us a written statement detailing how you, as the premises licence holder, would address the 5 licensing objectives detailed in the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 which are:

  • preventing crime and disorder
  • securing public safety
  • preventing public nuisance
  • protecting and improving public health
  • protecting children and young persons from harm

We also ask that such a statement is submitted by the new Premises Licence Holder when a Premises Licence is transferred.

Your premises will also require a personal licence holder to sell and authorise the sale of alcohol. This person is known as the Designated Premises Manager (DPM). A person can only be the Designated Premises Manager of one premises at a time. There is more information and guidance available in relation to personal licences.

Mandatory conditions will be attached to your licence and the Board may decide to put additional conditions on your licence.

Disability Access and Facilities Statement

From 30 March 2018, there is a legal requirement that an applicant for an alcohol premises licence or provisional premises licence must include a Disabled Access and Facilities Statement with their application. Although the Statement must be submitted with the application, it does not form part of the licence. The statement must be in the prescribed form.

The Scottish Government has published on its website non-mandatory guidance to help you write your Statement and you should read through this guidance before doing so. The Guidance also provides links to other sources of helpful information.


Premises licences are transferable and do not have to be renewed but you do have to pay an annual retention fee. Failure to pay the retention fee will result in the loss of your licence. There are different levels of fees which are banded according to the rateable value of the premises.

Description Cost
Section 50 Licensing Certificate (Building Standards) £111.50
Section 50 Licensing Certificate (Planning) £111.50
Section 50 Licensing Certificate (Food Hygiene) £111.50

You must apply to the Board to vary your premises licence if you want to make any changes. For example, a change of Designated Premises Manager, a change to the information contained in your operating plan, or a change to the layout plan.

Any person may make an objection to an application on any relevant ground of refusal by way of a notice to the Licensing Board.

Any person may make representations to the Licensing Board concerning an application:

  • supporting the application
  • requesting that modifications be made to the operation plan
  • requesting that conditions be imposed should the application be granted

Any person may apply to the Licensing Board for a review of the licence. Grounds for review are that one or more of the conditions have been breached or for any other ground relevant to the licensing objectives. A hearing must be held in relation to the application.

How to apply

Your completed application form, supporting documentation and fee should be sent to:

Licensing Section
Municipal Buildings
West Bridge Street



Premises or Provisional Premises Licence Application Form
Blank Operating Plan
Confirmation of Display of Site Notice
Confirmation of Provisional Premises Licence Application Form
Variation of Premises Licence or Provisional Premises Licence Application Form
Objections Form
Representations Form
Change of Address of Premises Licence Holder Application Form
Change of Designated Premises Manager Application Form
Change of Details of Designated Premises Manager Application Form
Change of Premises Name Application Form
Transfer on behalf of Current Premises Licence holder Application Form
Transfer on behalf of person other than the current premises licence holder Application Form
Building Standards Section 50 Application Form
Environmental Health and Trading Standards Section 50 application form
Planning Section 50 Application Form
Replacement Premises Licence Application Form
Disability Access Statement


Premises Licence Guidance Notes
Guidance Notes Objections and Representations
Guidance for Completing Operating Plan
Layout Plan Checklist
Premises Licence Mandatory Conditions
Statement of Licensing Policy (December 2018)