Cycling to school is important because it builds the habit of cycling. By encouraging this habit from a young age, cycling could become a transport choice that stays with you for life.

To support and increase levels of cycling to school, Falkirk Council works in partnership with Sustrans to deliver IBike by jointly funding an IBike Officer, who works with schools to develop a culture of cycling. To find out more about the I Bike Project in Falkirk, contact our I Bike Officer.

Cycling Scotland's annual national Give Everyone Cycle Space campaign runs every April and aims to make cycling to school and to work safer for all, through raising awareness of the need for drivers to give everyone enough space to cycle on the road.

There are many benefits from cycling to school:

  • Children learn to be independent and develop road skills which will serve them through their lives
  • Children who cycle to school arrive brighter, happier and ready to learn
  • Cycling to school is healthier than travelling by car, helps to control weight and boosts the immune system
  • Cycling emits zero carbon and pollution, making our towns and cities healthier places to live, and our air cleaner.

With funding support from Sustrans and the Scottish Government, we have improved facilities for cycling at all of our schools in the Falkirk Council area. This includes improved routes to make cycling easier and safer, and high quality covered cycle parking.