The Housing Needs Service can help if you are having issues with housing.

  • Housing Advice?
  • Issues at home?
  • Unable to afford your rent or mortgage?
  • Looking for your first home?
  • Looking to move home?
  • Neighbour issues?
  • Facing homelessness?
  • Feeling unsafe in your home?

Contact the Prevention Team within the Housing Needs service:

There are many services that are available to help prevent homelessness.

A Housing Needs Prevention Officer can carry out a Housing Options assessment to find out what advice and support is available, to give you the right information and a suitable solution to your housing needs.

Housing advice is available to anyone aged 16 or over, who requires assistance keeping their current home or finding a new one.

We can discuss all the housing options that are available to you, including local authority housing, housing associations in the area, the private rented sector and home ownership.

Getting help early could stop you becoming homeless.

More information about this is available below.

Helping you stay in your home

Moving home

Money, benefits and energy advice

We are aware that times are difficult at the moment and many people are facing a cost of living crisis.

If you are in financial difficulty, then it may be helpful to speak to one of our colleagues from the following departments who can provide specialist advice.

  • Debt Advice - Help and advice on all types of debt including rent and mortgage arrears, council tax, personal loans, hire purchase agreements, credit cards, store cards, payday loans, catalogues and fuel bills. The Debt Advice Team can be contacted by: