What is clean my space?

Clean my space is a scheme to recognise the fantastic voluntary efforts of businesses, individuals and community groups who keep their local area clean and green by picking up litter and waste.

As well as keeping our communities clean, the scheme aims to create a sense of civic pride and responsibility.

How am I recognised as a Clean Street Champion?

Our Clean Street champions are issued with a Clean Street Champion window sticker, which when displayed, shows to others the good work and intentions of the business, individual or community group involved.

How and why should I get involved?

Keeping our streets clean and litter free benefits all our communities.

Nobody likes to see litter or waste on our streets. By taking action rather than leaving it or walking on by, it not only makes sense, it makes a difference.

Pick it up, and bin it or take it home.

Email your details and why you should be recognised as a clean street champion to:

If we can help by providing you with a litter picker, include this request within your email to us.

We will recognise Clean My Space participants through our website and the Take Pride in Falkirk Facebook page.

A Cleaner Falkirk 2021-2026

Clean My Space is an action from the Council's 5 year Litter Strategy - A Cleaner Falkirk 2021-2026 - which outlines the responsibility of the Council and its community partners to each play their part in tackling litter.

We aim to work in partnership with individuals, community organisations, businesses, and landowners to change and maintain positive behaviours, avoid litter, dog fouling and fly tipping from occurring and increase participation in kerbside recycling.