Flytipping is unsightly. It's bad for the environment. It ruins our enjoyment of outdoor spaces and it's expensive to clean up.

We are committed to doing all we can to combat flytipping but we can't do it alone. The best way to prevent flytipping is making sure it doesn't happen in the first place. Everyone in the area can do their bit to make a cleaner Falkirk, and private landowners have a vital role to play in the fight against illegal dumping.

Preventing fly tipping on private land presents some unique problems.

We are not responsible for uplifting waste on private land.

It is the landowners responsibility to uplift waste on their land. This means that waste can often sit for longer than we would like while we contact the landowner requesting them to responsibly dispose of the waste.

Top tips to prevent fly tipping

Examples of good practice private landowners can take to prevent fly tipping include:

  • Keep gates and roads shut to discourage vehicular access to your property (pedestrians still have the right to roam)
  • Improve visibility - consider trimming back greenery in areas flytippers target
  • Be wary of individuals looking to rent parts of your land for 'storage'
  • If sub-letting make sure to check what your land is being used for frequently
  • Conduct frequent surveys of your land to make sure nothing has been recently dumped
  • Contact us if you have concerns about flytipping
  • Remove waste quickly with a registered waste carrier

Remember it's your land, your responsibility.

Maintaining a visible presence and cleaning land quickly shows that you are being vigilant which can act as a deterrent on its own.