A metal dealer licence is required by a person who:

  1. has a business which consists wholly or substantially of buying or selling for scrap -
    1. metal articles that are old, broken, worn out or defaced, or
    2. partly manufactured articles that are made wholly or partly from metal
  2. has a business as a motor salvage operator (insofar as that does not fall within (a).

There are 2 categories of metal dealer licences:

  1. Metal dealer licence – if you trade from premises such as a shop, yard or office you will require a separate licence for each site.
  2. Itinerant metal dealer licence – if you travel from place to place buying and selling metal but have no premises you will require this licence. This type of licence will allow you to trade throughout Scotland, not just in the Falkirk Council area.

How to apply

Download the forms you need, complete and return to:

Licensing Section
Municipal Buildings
West Bridge Street

You can also get application forms and more information on metal / itinerant metal dealer licences by contacting us at the above address.

Application for a Metal Dealer Licence
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