Falkirk Council stands with the people of Ukraine who have been affected by the war in their country, and is committed to helping those who have been displaced and chosen to settle in our area.

This page provides key information, both for host sponsors and displaced Ukrainians, regarding resettling refugees in the Falkirk Council area.

The situation continues to develop and change, and we will keep these pages updated as we receive new information and guidance.

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Resettlement schemes

There are three schemes which allow Ukrainian people to settle in this area.

National Homes for Ukraine scheme

The national Homes for Ukraine scheme enables individuals, charities, community groups and businesses to record their interest in supporting Ukrainian residents fleeing the conflict. Phase One of the scheme allows sponsors in the UK to nominate a named Ukrainian or a named Ukrainian family to stay with them in their home or in a separate property.

You can record your interest in offering accommodation on the Gov.UK website.

Ukraine Family Scheme

The Ukraine Family scheme allows applicants to join family members or extend their stay in the UK, enabling them to live, work and study in the UK and access public funds.

Scottish Government 'Super Sponsor' Scheme

The Scottish Government’s super sponsor scheme removes the need for applicants to be matched prior to being given permission travel to the UK.

The ‘Warm Scots Welcome’ programme is accessible through the UK Government’s portal. The applicant selects ‘The Scottish Government’ when asked for the name of their sponsor and when they are provided with a visa, we can welcome them here.

Thinking of becoming a sponsor for a Ukrainian family?

We would advise anyone considering becoming a sponsor for a Ukrainian family to read the information on the resettlement schemes above. Your property must have suitable space for the family you are planning to live with you.

If you have already registered with one of these schemes, we will be in touch with you once your details are provided to us by Scottish Government.

We provide support to these schemes by:

  • Contacting you to progress your application
  • Complete the Fast Track Enhanced Disclosure checks (one required for every adult over 16 in the household)
  • Conducting an inspection of your property, to ensure it is suitable for another family to live in
  • Providing advice and support as required
  • Administering the £350 'thank you' payments (a month in arrears) once guests have arrived

What is your role as a sponsor?

If you are sponsoring a family, then we need you to:

  • agree to an enhanced Disclosure Scotland check, including an ID check. Where providing accommodation in your own home, we need checks carried out on all adults (aged over 16 years) in the household
  • agree to a home visit undertaken by a local authority officer/contractor, to assess the suitability of the accommodation offered
  • If you own your home with a mortgage, to contact your mortgage lender for further information. Some lenders have made guidance available on their websites.
  • If you rent your home, then to check tenancy agreement and get permission from your landlord before agreeing to participate in the scheme
  • be aware of any existing terms that might apply to non-paying guests within your insurance policy. You should contact your insurer if you wish to discuss their cover or other changes in circumstances.
  • provide suitable accommodation for a minimum of six months
  • support and help guests to adapt to life in the UK. This includes initially checking if they have enough food and supplies such as toiletries, and that they have access to a mobile phone and internet to stay in touch with family members
  • help direct their guests to public services, for example, registering with a GP or NHS dentist

Under the Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme, guests will be accommodated at Welcome Hubs while their longer-term accommodation is arranged. Hosts who are not part of the Scottish Super Sponsor scheme are responsible for:

  • staying in contact with their guest prior to their arrival to help organise and coordinate their arrival in the UK
  • meet their guests on arrival
  • facilitate transfers to their accommodation
  • signposting the guest to public services
  • assisting guests with tasks such as registering with a local GP surgery.

We would recommend that the host and the guest enter into a formal written agreement which sets out how the relationship is to operate in practice. As no rent is being paid by the guest, the occupancy arrangement will not constitute a tenancy, so the statutory or common law rules on tenancies will not apply.

It will be for the host and the guest to decide the terms of the occupancy agreement, but it is recommended that any agreement, at minimum, provides for the following issues:

  • where the guest is being accommodated in a self-contained property, the arrangements by which the host can access that property
  • how the guest is to treat the property or that part of the property being occupied by the guest
  • how the occupancy arrangement is to be brought to an end by either party

Welcome accommodation update

Scottish Government has updated its policy on accommodation for Ukrainian Refugees.

Welcome accommodation is intended to be a temporary measure for people displaced from Ukraine on their initial arrival in Scotland under the Scottish Super Sponsor scheme. From 07 December 2023, our Resettlement Team will work with you to identify up to 2 reasonable options for longer-term accommodation.

From 08 January 2024, there are important changes to who can access temporary welcome accommodation and when. There are also changes to how long you can be absent from temporary welcome accommodation.

Everyone affected has been issued with a letter detailing these changes however if you would like more information, please view the documents below or contact the Resettlement Team at refugeeresettlement@falkirk.gov.uk.

Changes to welcome cccommodation letter (English)
Changes to welcome cccommodation letter (Ukrainian)
Changes to welcome cccommodation letter (Russian)
Changes to welcome accommodation poster (English)
Changes to welcome accommodation poster (Ukrainian)
Changes to welcome accommodation poster (Russian)

Support for sponsors

We would encourage you to access the information that is either available online or has been provided in relation to the resettlement scheme you are involved with.

The Government's Welcome Guide for Ukrainians provides a range of information to help people adjust to life in the UK. The following guidance is available:

NHS Inform has provided helpful information about NHS services, public health, and related topics, translated into Ukrainian.

You can also refer to the Scottish Government's Ukraine Super Sponsor Scheme: guidance for hosts, which contains information relevant for those matched through the Super Sponsor Scheme, or the UK Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Donations and support for Ukraine

For anyone who wishes to donate to help those affected by the war, we would recommend doing so through an established aid charity. They are best placed to assess the needs for financial support and aid, and how needs for this may change over time.

Established aid charities include the following:

Support for Ukrainian guests

If you have recently arrived in the country, the following organisations may be able to provide advice and support to you.

Coming to Scotland

Local Services

UK Visa Support

Other ways you can help

If you've been inspired to help Ukrainian families, did you know that there are similar ways you can help people in need? Falkirk Council desperately need more people to:

  • Host Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children and Young People (aged 16+)
  • Become foster families to care for Falkirk children

Unaccompanied asylum seeking children and young people have been separated from their families while fleeing from danger. These young people need a safe, nurturing, and supportive home, to help them adapt to their new life in Falkirk.

Most children and young people who need to be fostered in Falkirk have become "looked after" for care and protection reasons. They too, need safe, nurturing, and supportive homes.

If you live in the Falkirk Council area and have a spare room in your home, you could be making a real difference to the children and young people that need it.

For both roles we can offer you unrivalled training, ongoing support, and a competitive package of fees/allowances.

More information is available on the Fostering & Adoption website

Contact details

Together with our partners, we continue to work to provide advice and support to all those who require it, in this fast-moving situation. Should you have any queries that haven't been answered, please email us: